ema Rally Car 2016 round up

After a distinctly average year’s rallying, when a couple of good results were countered by a crash on the first event of the season and gearbox failure on another, Gavin was looking forward to the final event of 2016 at Crail last Saturday. Unfortunately a trouble free day was not on the cards. After a terrific first stage in extremely cold and slippery conditions, when we were catching the cars ahead, there were some particularly unhealthy noises as we left the start line on stage two. A few corners later we pulled over and once again retired.

Once the car was pushed back to the service area, the post-mortem began. We found that the differential had failed, causing the crown wheel and pinion to destroy themselves. So a disappointing and slightly expensive finish to the season. Roll on 2017, when we can do it all again, hopefully this time with less retirements!


Despite this, we know that Gavin enjoyed his year on the track and we are glad that he has kept safe. We are sure that 2017 will be a good year for Gavin in the ema rally car.

13912671_954902807969035_1931270916626297084_n 1 catching the car ahead