“Team EMA Rallying” Driven by Gavin Lloyd.

After finally not “getting away with it” on our first event in EMA colours, the nova front end was substantially rebuilt. However we were rewarded with a relatively incident free event at the Crail Summer Stages recently, finishing 37th overall and 8th in class; a little bit lower than Gavin would have liked, but given the ultra-fast nature of the stages and the appearance of some pretty expensive high spec cars in our class this year, probably just about as high up the order as we could have hoped for. A wee bonus was that we were the first 8 valve car in our class, all those ahead being 16 valve cars with considerably more power and significantly bigger price tags. 

Anyway a great day out was had, the sun shone all day, and Gavin arrived home safe with an almost unmarked car, His dignity in place and made us proud.  So all good.

Our next event is over the superfast military roads at Otterburn in the north of England in August.

We wish Gavin all the best and safe driving on the day.


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