Urban Eden – Scottish Property Awards Commercial & Public Property finalist


 ScottishPropertyAwards 2016_Finalist



We are delighted to be announced as a Scottish Property Awards Commercial & Public Property finalist – Urban Eden.

Project Details

We call it Urban Eden for a very good reason. Urban says central, contemporary, downtown, full of life. Eden says garden, green, enclosed, a safe place, a haven, which is exactly what we designed it to be.

Our scheme, the final area of development comprises in total of 205 units split across a wide range of typologies. Residents will have a wide choice of accommodation with homes ranging from 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom corner apartments, 2 and 3 bedroom terraced houses, 3 bedroom courtyard houses, and 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses as well as a new version of the tradition colony style (two storey terraced) houses.

The concept creates a signature building in each of the three corners of the site. These taller buildings range in height from 6 to 9 stories interconnecting with the wide cityscape, providing an identity and acting as signposts for the new neighbourhood.

Within the neighbourhood a series of street, lanes and courtyards reflect the domestic scale of Edinburgh’s colonies and provide a safe and secure, but dynamic and sociable environment for family homes. In effect a traditional family neighbourhood manifested in a contemporary manner.

The development benefits from substantial green edges and a single access road creating something of a self-contained haven, away from the bustling city centre. It will create a community of stylish, flexible, intelligently designed homes for a wide range of people at every stage of life. It’s a neighbourhood with people friendly streets, squares and terraces, balconies and planters. Open spaces, public seating and play areas where people can get together, whilst trees, shrubs, flowers and nest boxes make it wildlife friendly too.

Uniquely for such a city centre location, all of the properties benefit from their own private outdoor amenity space with balconies, terraces or gardens for residents to enjoy.

Design Ideology

The building materials have been chosen very carefully, led by the architectural style of the town’s traditional colony houses which have been recreated predominantly in brick, and also by the sandy and grey stone hues that are so much a part of the city. Similar care has been taken with the external areas by use of sympathetic, high quality materials for the streets and pathways, stainless steel and hardwood for the street furniture, sustainably sourced, pre-treated European hard and soft woods for the garden furniture.

In designing Urban Eden we’ve tried to think of everything people might need to enjoy city life and make the most of it whilst at the same time having space for a bit of peace and relaxation and every convenience.

We’ve built plenty of character into its buildings so they’re not just anonymous boxes, with particular attention to the practicality of room layout and outdoor space.

The whole neighbourhood will meet excellent sustainability standards which considered heating, ventilation and drainage strategies as well as waste storage, disposal and recycling.

The landscaping makes provision for a great deal of attractive greenery, including window boxes and green walls. There will be footpaths and connections to cycle paths and access to the City Car Club, the local authority sponsored car share scheme.

These and other thoughtful touches in design and build are intended to contribute to the attractiveness of Urban Eden and the new community that we will build.


Visualisation 3 Visualisation 2 Urban Eden



The team involved in the project is as follows:

Client – Places for People

Contractor – ISG

Architects / Design Monitors – EMA Architects + Masterplanners

Engineering – Will Rudd Davidson

Landscape – Ironside Farrar

Principle Designer – Peter Graham Associates