almond valley


Almond Valley is located on the north west edge of Perth to the west of the A9 and south of the River Almond. The area is accessed from the A85 in the south and extends to the existing settlement at Almondbank in the west.

There are a number of important Heritage sites and listed buildings located within the application site boundary and throughout the surrounding area. From Huntingtower Bleachworks on the west edge of the application site to Huntingtower Castle to the south. Those located within the application site boundary include Ruthven House, Grey Row, Waterside Cottages and Huntingtower Cairn. These sites and buildings define the character and history of the area.

The purpose of the masterplan for Almond Valley, Perth is to develop a well informed, integrated and creative solution for a residential lead development on the site.



H C Pilkington Trust


Perth and Kinross




2014 - present