bath road


The land is identified as an important site within the Leith Docks Development Framework which encourages the introduction of residential use to the area, as well as outlining the desire to enhance the setting of Leith’s Waterfront to create a ‘Capital City Port’. The role of the brief is to guide an appropriate mix of uses, that includes: new homes, flexible small business space, whilst providing an improved public realm along Salamander Street and Baltic Street with a development that reflects the massing of the existing context.

The proposal has been developed from the principle of incorporating the existing boundary wall as a design element. The proposal is to lower the wall and create a visual element that aids movement whilst screening the parking areas from Salamander Street. This enhanced public realm will vary in height as the elevation continues along the road, incorporating tree planting where appropriate.

A series of ground floor commercial spaces are proposed with the southern section of the site. This is in direct response to the adjacent development where commercial units are becoming more established.


client :

BDW east scotland

location :

Leith, Edinburgh

status :


timeline :

2017 - present