phoenix house


The concept was based on the retention of the existing structure and its re-introduction into a valid use within the urban fabric Portobello Town Centre. The building had not been used for more than 7 years and was not considered suitable for its original purpose. Conversion into residential apartments has benefitted the High Street and existing local businesses.

The design proposed a contemporary approach to the re-cladding of the existing building with additional accommodation at the upper floor. Large windows, balconies and terraces are a feature of the design and maximise views and daylight. An external deck provides access to the upper storeys and the ground floor flats were afforded their own private garden space.  The proposals were developed in accordance with the Edinburgh Design Guidance.

The project was completed in summer 2017.


client :

Kerwick homes

location :

Portobello, Edinburgh



timeline :

2013 - 2017