Homes for Scotland Awards / June 2017



Private Development of the Year - small 2018

King’s Court, Dunbar - Dundas Estates


Built within a walled garden, this development of 20 homes, with its distinctive character and identity, makes a real and tangible contribution to enhancing the recognisable urban form that is Dunbar’s Conservation Area.

The architecture (which draws contemporary inspiration from Dunbar’s vernacular in terms of proportion, materials and fenestration) and the careful ‘placing’ of buildings to enclose space and give an intriguing glimpse of the landscape beyond are the key elements in the creation of a pedestrian friendly place that feels comfortable and enveloping to the resident and visitor alike.


The commercial success of the project is due in no small measure to the excellent standard of interior finish and design. The refusal to compromise

on the quality of interior fittings and fixtures has delivered homes of the highest quality. This project will stand as evidence that the developer delivers both high quality, comfortable homes and places that fit well with the urban fabric.