about us

Over the past 20 years ema has grown to become one of Scotland’s leading Architectural Practices.  We are proud of the work we have produced over the last 20 years, and are excited about what is to come in the next chapter of the practice.

Our core values are based on delivering Architecture that reinforces the urban fabric of the surrounding area, producing Masterplans which have a sustainable infrastructure and creating Places with character and identity.

ema aim to deliver fully considered design solutions which are innovative in their response to our client’s aspirations and brief.  We pride ourselves on delivering sustainable, practical and commercial solutions whilst making a positive contribution to Scotland’s Architecture and Urban Design.

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The cornerstone of our practice is creating well designed, innovative Architecture.  Whether it be a standalone building, form part of a place or be integrated within a wider masterplan, we believe that Architecture should provide a positive contribution to its context. 

We pride ourselves on delivering practical and commercial solutions. We enjoy working with clients to create Architecture which exceeds their aspirations.  Sometimes this means pushing the boundaries of a brief or looking at problem from a new perspective. 

Our team have expertise in residential, commercial, retail, leisure & hotels and as we look to the future we are excited to look at how we can continue to deliver high-quality Architecture across sectors.

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We strive to create sustainable, integrated and well considered Masterplans for landowners, land promoters, housebuilders and developers. Over the past 20 years we have developed an expertise in housing-led mixed-use masterplans and are now at the forefront of mixed use Masterplanning in Scotland 

We work with landowners and promoters to create masterplans which maximise their assets whilst creating well considered, integrated communities.  Although housing is a key part of the story, we place equal importance on the places and spaces which happen between and the infrastructure which is essential to stich them together.

Our collaboration with most of Scotland’s key housebuilders puts us in the unique position of being able to use their knowledge of the homebuilding industry to create masterplans that are efficient, commercial and deliverable, whilst embodying the design aspirations which are important to us.



We believe that it is often the spaces between which create a vibrant and successful place. Whether an intervention within an urban street, a new rural community or an extension to an existing settlement; the spaces between are an important part of our design ethos.

In developing a new environment, it is critical that we enhance, rather than detract from the qualities of place. Key to the success of delivering successful places, ema adhere to some basic principles embracing; scale, proportion, selective materials, orientation, movement and connections combined with an integrated landscape strategy. We work with our clients to create spaces which enhance the buildings they wish to deliver and create a sense of identity.